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Internet News Server at IX

This server is the part of NSPIXP, which is research for IX in WIDE Project.

News Server History

Currentry, giganews.nspixp2.wide.ad.jp is running. Old Servers as below.

Hostname (click to detail) CPU Clock MEM I/F START END
giganews.nspxip2.wide.ad.jp (2nd) 1.2GHz x 2 2GB 1000baseSX 2001/12/3 Current
giganews.nspixp2.wide.ad.jp (1st.) 500MHz 756MB 1000baseSX 1999/12/27 2001/12/2
news.nspixp2.wide.ad.jp 333MHz 384MB FDDI 1998/3/20 2001/1/25
news.nspixp.wide.ad.jp 200MHz 256MB 100baseTX    

NSPIXP produced by WIDE Project